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Thompson Family Pecan Farm

Thompson Family Pecan Farm grows the highest quality nuts. The unique soil in the Southwest US provides the perfect balance needed to grow sweet, delicious pecans and our cold storage policy gives you tree-fresh pecans all year round.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Thompson Family Pecan Farm – Hurricane


Super nice people that are extremely hard-working very friendly and easy to talk to. The pecans are delicious highly recommend I would encourage you to stop by and buy some if you are in the area.” – Robert Bolar, Google Review

I started buying Thompson Family Pecan Farm’s beautiful and fresh pecans last year for my wholesale bakery in Escalante, Mimi’s Escalante Bakery. The pecans are so superior to store-bought pecans, I will never be satisfied with anything else. To make good food, you have to use good products and Thompson Family pecans make my baked great! I also appreciate the convenience of shipping, but I never miss buying a bag when I’m in St. George. Thank you THOMPSON FAMILY FARMS!” – Michelle O’Kane, Google Review

Their pecans are delicious and it’s a fun place to see their orchard.”, Jon Garner – Google Review

Payson Fruit Growers

As a co-op of eight family farms, Payson Fruit Growers originally grew Montmorency cherries, a varietal that originated in Europe and found popularity in the America as “pie cherries,” a cherry renowned for its tartness and color. A staple of middle American cuisine, the market started to shift for cherry growers in the 1980s.

Seeing an opportunity in the dried fruit market, our owners started to experiment with drying the harvested pitted cherries. The tart Montmorency cherry is unique — firm and intensely red, and not as tart as you might think for our modern taste buds. Payson Fruit Growers discovered dried tart cherries were delicious incorporated into salads, covered in chocolate, or just eaten by the handful.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Rowley’s Red Barn – Santaquin Utah
  • Allred Fruit Stand – Provo, Utah


“We’ve been customers for several years and love the dried cherries as well as the chocolate covered cherries. I love the milk chocolate and my husband loves the dark chocolate cherries. I usually order them in the cool months, but i took a chance and ordered them in June, and they were perfect! We’re having a cool snap and they are packaged in foam, so they arrived perfect! They make wonderful gifts for the holidays, everyone just loves them!” – Rose Obrien, Google Review

“Awesome cherries!!” – Kathy Peters, Google Review