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Bennion Beef

Bennion Beef is a family owned and operated a cattle ranch in the west desert near Vernon, Utah. We specialize in an Angus-Wagyu cross for the best flavored and most tender beef in the state.

Local- Our cattle are born and spend their life on our ranch and pastures near Vernon, Utah.

Natural- Our cattle are certified “natural” meaning we do not use hormones or antibiotics. We take care to handle our cattle humanely and let them roam the range freely.

Delicious- Our Angus cattle have graded prime and choice before we began introducing Angus and Wagyu bulls that are high in marbling and other beef quality characteristics.

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Jones Creek Beef

Jones Creek Beef is a leading all-natural, grass-fed beef company that produces and markets premium free range, grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

What sets Jones Creek Beef apart is our high level of commitment toward doing what is best and right for each animal throughout its lifetime. The way we raise and handle our cattle is of utmost importance in providing tender, flavorful, and nutritious beef to our consumers. We take great pride in our stewardship over our land and livestock.

We want you and your family to experience Better Beef, Better Flavor.

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We have enjoyed Jones Creek beef for some time now and it is excellent! You do need to educate yourself with cooking instruction but that’s quick and simple. You can not leave it lay out on the counter all day, like heavy chemical fed beef. Handle properly and enjoy the health benefits. Love your steaks YUM

Sharon Nester,

Facebook Review

I was so excited when i found 100% grass fed/finished pasture raised beef at walmart for a reasonable price. i don’t understand why some people say they didn’t like the taste. it tasted good to me. thanks for making it and thanks to Walmart for carrying it in the stores.

Kelly Morrison,

Facebook Review

Purchased two filet mignons and was extremely impressed! We’ve purchased pricier filets at our local butcher and Jones Creek surpassed in quality! Tender, juicy steak without the high dollar price tag! Great job and you’ve earned a repeat customer. Thank you

Nancy Borho,

Facebook Review