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Wild Valley Farms

At Wild Valley Farms we are dedicated to helping you grow big healthy plants with: All Natural, Innovative, Soils and Fertilizers.  We specialize with organic fertilizers made from sheep wool.  Wool Pellets are the only fertilizer that retains and holds water, provides nutrients, and increases porosity.  We want to educate people on the benefits of wool and how impactful wool can be for your plants and our environment.

Our soils and composts are very rich in nutrients and 100 percent organic.  All soils and composts are made locally here in Utah.

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We’ve seen a noticeable difference in our vegetable garden this year with wool pellets and topsoil from Wild Valley Farms. Living in Morgan, I usually don’t get vegetables until around the 24th of July, but this year we seem to be about two weeks ahead of schedule. We even planted a week after Memorial Day due to cold weather and an extended vacation. My potted flowers are also looking nice. The July weather has been unusually hot, but my flowers are doing great with the wool pellets. I also used the leftover top soil in my garden for my potted flowers, and that has likely helped with the blooms. I put the dark mulch in my flower beds, and I love the contrast it provides in our front yard. Plus, Wild Valley Farms delivered everything to our house!

Wild valley farms produces wool pellets, fertilizer, and mulch through such an amazing process. They have a really cool setup.” – Eric Riddle, Google Review

Kuwahara Wholesale

Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local, Enjoy Local. Welcome to the only Farmers Market open 7 days a week, located right here in Sandy. To us, supporting our local farmers is one of the most important things to do. Going to a box store to get your produce might be easier, but once you taste local you will understand why it’s better. Come see us! We get in fresh picked produce from different farmers around Utah every. single. day. and on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays we serve fresh tamales, bbq corn, hot dogs, and snow cones.

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This is the best nursery in the valley. I have been shopping there since Alex opened his doors. It gets bigger and better every year. I’m so grateful to have this wonderful garden center just a mile from my home.

Trish Weatherman,

Facebook Review

Beautiful flowers, corn is to die for! Good customer service. Friendly. Free grilled corn on Tuesday

Vicki Wiser Speer, 

Facebook Review

A great little Farmer’s market open on weekdays. Just what I was wishing for! Besides local produce, they have an interesting selection of other locally made products. And they are located right on State Street so are easy to get to.

Sarah Eklund,

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Dibble Farms

We are a fourth generation family farm, specializing in fall harvest products. We produce potatoes and pack them for winter storage: Pontiac Red, Yukon Gold, and Canela Russet.  We also produce and sell a variety of winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw, Indian corn.  We also raise and pack our popcorn.  We supply various garden shops and nurseries throughout the Wasatch Front with these products. Most of our products, however, are sold directly from our farm location.

Oakdell Egg Farms

It all began with a wedding gift—more than a century ago. In 1905, Cecil Woodward’s new father-in-law sent him a gift of 10 chickens. The couple found they had a knack for raising chickens, and the flock grew and grew and grew—to what has become the largest egg laying operation in the Intermountain West.


A good part of our eggs’ great taste comes from their freshness—which is always higher when you get your eggs close to home. It’s also because we feed our hens the very best diet with as much locally produced gain as possible. All of our feed is free from antibiotics and hormones, but rich in nutrients. Flaxseed and a special marine algae enriches our Omega-3 Brown Eggs. Our organic birds enjoy a pesticide and GMO-free diet supplied by as many local farmers as possible.


Quality is one thing you can always count on from Oakdell. All of our eggs meet stringent quality control standards before packaging and delivery to the market. Our strict production sanitation and refrigeration guidelines help ensure maximum food safety for you and your family and proper care of our birds, our environment and our employees. Plus, we have several independent third-party audits, some of which are unannounced, each year to help ensure that we do what we say we do.


Eggs are an excellent, whole food source that’s loaded with one of the highest-quality proteins found in food. Plus, they’re a great source of vitamins B6, B12, D, and E, and minerals riboflavin, folate, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. These nutrients can play an important role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, and more. Oakdell Omega-3 Egg hens enjoy a diet rich in flaxseed, which has ALA Omega-3s to help reduce inflammation, and a marine algae, which boosts the DHA in the yolks—which supports brain function and eye health.

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Best eggs EVER! You can taste the freshness in every bite. Jared Anderson, Google Review

I love these eggs! They are full of color and very tasty!! Kaylee McNeill, Google Review