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Granola Gals

Sweetsiss believes that good tasting food should be good for you.  Our Granola Gals products are made with fresh raw honey and butter and other organic ingredients handcrafted and packaged for you and your loved ones.  We began with Honey Coconut Almond and have now added Blueberry Pecan, Salted Caramel Cashew, and Chocolate Caramel.

Granola Gals granola is made with 8 simple ingredients. We are happy to help you and your family keep healthy with fresh, organic, gluten free granola that works for a breakfast or a snack or even topping on your ice cream.  Family to family; that’s how good food and good times spread the love.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Cache Valley Gardener’s Market, Logan Utah
  • Island Market, Logan Utah
  • Utah Artisan Market, Logan, Utah
  • Deseret Hive Supply, Ogden Utah

Funky Oats

Funky Oats are Utah’s first gourmet organic, vegan and gluten free granola and granola bars which our customers consistently rate “5 stars”. Comments describe Funky Oats as, “The best granola I have ever eaten”. All of our products (including Funky Pup dog treats) are made with the finest, all natural, non-GMO ingredients; free of soy, dairy, corn and wheat.

Our granola bars are sweetened with organic blue agave, providing a natural source of energy. We currently offer six bar varieties, four of which have an almond butter base; “You’re a Tart, Cherry”, “Pecan Someone Your Own Size”, “Funked Up Coconut” and “Spicy Ginger Bites!”. “Espresso Yourself” is made with sunbutter, while “Too Cool for School” is made with all natural peanut butter. Our three loose granolas; “Super Seeding Expectations”, “The Berry Zest” and “Funknutty”, are lightly sweetened with Grade ‘A’ pure maple syrup.

Whether on a special diet, given as a gift, or just trying to incorporate healthier options, look no further than Funky Oats. Toss some in your lunchbox, backpack and car and never be without a tasty meal. Funky Pup treats ensure your favorite companion is well fed too. All of our packaging utilizes recycled materials and our granola bags are compost.

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Can be found here:




Absolutely delicious! Our family loves the flavors. The consistency of the bars are exceptionally perfect! Not too soft, not too crunchy! You can tell they were made with quality ingredients. They are super fresh. I am addicted! Thank you for making an amazing product! I just placed a new order.
Sophie Reece, Facebook Review,

I just recently tried Funky Oats and the bars are amazing! They taste so fresh, with what I can only describe as “real food” that doesnt taste preserved and loaded with tons of sugar. Seriously delicious!
Tisha Digman, Facebook Review

Nova Granola

Named for the supernovas that always caught Jane’s attention, Nova Granola began in 2010 as a search for the perfect granola.

As a runner, a teacher, and a whole food junkie, Jane was always on the lookout for quality foods. But she could never find a granola that was as healthy as it was good, or as good as it was healthy. Each bite came up too oily, sweet, grainy or hard to eat. So she set out to make her own.

With a family recipe in one hand and a vision in the other, she developed a recipe that used only whole, natural ingredients hand-selected by Jane herself. Using a dehydrator for the texture she wanted, she created the granola she had been searching for. And just like that: Nova Granola. Over the next four years, three more flavors were added: Citrus, Mango-Cherry, and Raspberry-Chocolate.

Why Supernovas?

“I am totally in awe of outer space and the beauty that comes from star explosions and galaxy dust. I get just as excited about food as I do about observing nebulae. I believe eating experiences should be as one-of-a-kind and exciting as a supernova.”

—Jane Fenton, Creator, Nova Granola

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Can be found here:



Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe

Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe is a rapidly growing manufacturer of gourmet products including fudge and granola. Our delicious fudge is perfect for corporate gifting and is handmade in copper kettles using high-end ingredients like imported Belgian chocolate. The difference can be tasted in every smooth, creamy bite.

We have two brands of fudge, Blue Moose (sold to specialty stores, corporate gifts, and fundraising) and Great American Fudge Company (sold to mass retailers.) Our Gram’s Gourmet Granola is simply the world’s best tasting granola.

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The guy who sold me the fudge from our mall was very pleasant and let us sample a lot if flavors. The fudge was delicious. It taste like real fudge should taste.

Cruz Black,

Facebook Review

The best fudge I have ever had and the distributor I met at a local event was awesome!

Leticia Black,

Facebook Review

Great flavor, and the smoothest fudge that I’ve ever eaten. Keep putting out a great product!

Gregory Wilson,

Facebook Review