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Canyon Meadows Ranch

Grass fed beef as it should be, taste the difference that comes from working with nature:

~ With 3 generations of ranching, we bring you grass fed beef with genuine flavor. You haven’t tried grass fed until you try Canyon Meadows Ranch beef!

~ At Canyon Meadows Ranch we work with nature to bring our customers the most flavorful, consistent grass fed beef possible. Using rotational grazing methods allow us to do this by timing our grazing and resting periods which in turn builds the soil. Our methods produce happy, healthy cows as well as providing ample space & habitat for wildlife.

Canyon Meadows Ranch Beef is Good for the Earth, Good for the Cattle and Wildlife, Good for You and to top it off has delicious flavor!

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Can be found here

  • Black Cherry Mediterranean Market – 4346 South 900 East Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Lee’s MarketPlace – Heber – 890 South Main Street, Heber City, UT {Ground Beef in Stock, other items can be ordered through the meat counter}

  • Heber Valley Artisan Cheese (Patties, Bratwurst and Jerky Only) – 920 North River Road, Midway, UT

  • Jade Market – 353 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Kirin Crossfit – 1676 S 700 W, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Kuwahara Wholesale – 8565 S State, Sandy, UT

  • Liberty Heights Fresh – 1290 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Petersen Family Farm – 11887 S 4000 W, Riverton, UT

  • Springville Meat – 268 S 100 W, Springville, UT

  • Stewart’s Marketplace – 245 W Hwy 40, Roosevelt, UT

  • The Market at Park City – 1500 Snow Creek Drive, Park City, UT

  • The Store at Holladay – 2050 E 6200 S, Holladay, UT

  • The Store Gateway – 90 S Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, UT

Paizlee’s Meats

Paizlee’s Grass Fed Beef offers the highest quality, sustainably raised, grass fed beef that Southern Utah has to offer. From our aged prime cut steaks, to our handmade small batch strip jerky; the decadent flavor and tenderness of our grass fed beef products will transport you back to the moment you first took a bite!

We hand select every cow we process right out of the field. For a cow to become a Paizlee’s cow, they have never been in a corral. Never have they found themselves being fed grains or any imported type of feed. If it doesn’t grow in their pasture, then they don’t eat it. Paizlee’s cows live a stress free life, they are all worked stress free in the traditional, horseback ways that have been handed down for generations. Slow and steady workings from horseback make these cows not only traditional in image and experience; but reduce, if not eliminate, any stress during the process of husbandry.

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Can be found here:

  • Moonflower Co-op
  • Online

Jones Creek Beef

Jones Creek Beef is a leading all-natural, grass-fed beef company that produces and markets premium free range, grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

What sets Jones Creek Beef apart is our high level of commitment toward doing what is best and right for each animal throughout its lifetime. The way we raise and handle our cattle is of utmost importance in providing tender, flavorful, and nutritious beef to our consumers. We take great pride in our stewardship over our land and livestock.

We want you and your family to experience Better Beef, Better Flavor.

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Can be found here:



We have enjoyed Jones Creek beef for some time now and it is excellent! You do need to educate yourself with cooking instruction but that’s quick and simple. You can not leave it lay out on the counter all day, like heavy chemical fed beef. Handle properly and enjoy the health benefits. Love your steaks YUM

Sharon Nester,

Facebook Review

I was so excited when i found 100% grass fed/finished pasture raised beef at walmart for a reasonable price. i don’t understand why some people say they didn’t like the taste. it tasted good to me. thanks for making it and thanks to Walmart for carrying it in the stores.

Kelly Morrison,

Facebook Review

Purchased two filet mignons and was extremely impressed! We’ve purchased pricier filets at our local butcher and Jones Creek surpassed in quality! Tender, juicy steak without the high dollar price tag! Great job and you’ve earned a repeat customer. Thank you

Nancy Borho,

Facebook Review