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Sugarhouse Distillery

For hand-crafted, artisan-made liquors made right here in Utah, look for Sugar House Distillery. We are a small batch distillery that creates top-shelf alcohol products from the best local ingredients with no additives and no artificial colors or flavors, just grain or molasses, yeast and time.

We hand-make our spirits using a 100-gallon still. Utah has some of the best water in the country, and the state’s cold winters and hot summers make it a great place for us to age our products in the barrel. The ingredients, pure mountain water, an ideal climate and our attention to detail make for exceptional vodka, malt whisky and rum.

You can find our premium products at a local liquor store, or you can stop by and purchase them at our distillery.

Can be found here:

    2212 South West Temple


Absolutely love this distillery! James and his crew are so knowledgeable and love to give tours, a must visit for anyone local or visiting.

Michael Damico,

Google Review

Sugar House Distillery is different. Different in the way that they care about their product and their customers. They are always willing to take the time to answer questions about their products. Their products are true spirits and not based off someone else’s work. Keep making phenomenal products!

Jim Newell,

Google Review

Well crafted spirits!

Ross Metzger,

Google Review

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