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The Hive Winery

A Utah artisan winery, The Hive Winery is a proud maker of premium fruit wines, mead (honey wine) and hard cider. Each batch is small and hand-crafted using fresh ingredients from local farms and hives. All of our wines and spirits are 100 percent natural and made without any artificial flavors or colors. We also strive to choose the most environmentally-responsible ways of producing our products.

Our boutique winery specializes in premium, non-grape, gluten-free fruit and honey wines and delicious honey brandy, liquor and other spirits. Our wines and spirits are made with fresh fruit and honey from local farmers along the Wasatch Front to create the local flavor you love. Our wide variety of libations is designed to complement any meal and varies in sweetness from dry to semi-sweet.

Stop by our wine tasting rooms in Layton. If you taste something you just have to have, you can buy in on the spot. Our products can also be found in local restaurants and a select liquor stores in the area.

Can be found here:

    1220 W 450 N #2


This was a lot of fun. The owners are so nice and took time to answer our questions. – JoAnn Hobbs, Facebook Reviews

The tasting was so much fun. Very informative and delicious. I will be back when your dizzy cherries are ready in a few months. – Katie Reed, Facebook Review

The selection of wine is great, It is a small winery with a special touch. The owners are fantastic people and are designing wines that will delight you’re senses. – Price Loftin, Facebook Review

Disclaimer: The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) does not endorse the product or products listed on this webpage.

Mountain West Hard Cider

With an experienced cider master and a passion for locally-produced products, Mountain West Hard Cider crafts year-round, seasonal, and artisan hard ciders. Mountain West Hard Cider Company sources only the finest local ingredients from the Mountain West region to craft everyday, seasonal, and artisan award-winning hard apple ciders.

Hard cider is an anytime, anywhere, anybody kind of drink. Lighter than beer, crisp, and naturally gluten-free—hard cider is an everyday refreshment for active days and relaxing nights. Mountain West Hard Cider is a proud member of Utah’s Own and is available for sample and purchase at our package agency, bar, and manufacturing facility. Stop by today.

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Can be found here:

    425 N 400 W


I did the tasting, only to find that everything is great here. – Jason Allred, Facebook Review

Mountain West Hard Cider is my new favorite cider! I did not expect to find it in the US, as most ciders here seems to be very sweet. But it was fantastic! The Ruby Hard Cider was the best of the best, at least I think so today. But I loved all of them. – Ragnhild Jonsson, Facebook Review

Love this place and the amazing people who work there. Thanks for the endless epic memories!! – Daniel Riddle, Facebook Review