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Wholesun Wellness

Wholesun Wellness is a family-owned and operated business committed to providing you with the purest and most potent mushroom superfoods available. Our extracts focus on whole-body wellness, using only whole, ECOCERT-certified organic mushrooms. We partner with top industry growers to ensure our products have the highest quality on the market, each extract contains as little as 5% starch, and every bag is 100% free from fillers, chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.

Whether you’re struggling with immune issues, want to improve digestion, increase mental clarity, or give your body a powerful natural energy boost, you can start with our mushrooms. They’re more than a supplement; they’re a superfood you can add to smoothies, teas, protein shakes, or your favorite foods. It’s an easy way to incorporate whole-body nutrition into your daily diet.   

Our mushrooms are harvested from deep within lush forests or grown on nutrient-rich native logs where they can thrive and reach their full therapeutic potential.  Every mushroom variety we use has been carefully cultivated over hundreds and thousands of years. They are winning strains, scientifically-verified to contain the highest levels of safe and effective active compounds to support your health. 

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Mountain View Mushrooms

At Mountain View Mushrooms, we grow, harvest, market, and ship fresh mushrooms and mushroom related products to the foodservice industry throughout the Utah, Nevada, and California markets. We offer Portabella, Oyster, White, and Cremini mushrooms. You can also find our products in local Whole Foods Markets and Reams Food Stores. Visit our storefront location in Fillmore, Utah for fresh mushrooms, mushroom meat products, and spent mushroom compost.

Mountain View Mushrooms is committed to providing the freshest, safest, highest-quality mushrooms and mushroom products to our customers. The nature of mushroom cultivation is inherently good for the environment. We are committed to conserving energy in our operations and using sustainable and recyclable materials and methods whenever possible.

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Can Be Found:

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  • Reams
  • The Store
  • Local Utah Restaurants
  • Mountain View Mushrooms – Farm Store


All verities of mushrooms (tried them all) are the highest quality.  We tried the mushroom Italian sausage and mushroom brats.. Fantastic.

Kim Pauling,

Facebook Review

It has a very good variety of mushroom Has great prices and have to call a head of time you pick them up.

McKenzie Garcia,

Facebook Review