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Oakdell Egg Farm

Recent independent test confirmed that no other egg tastes better than Oakdell’s Omega-3 brown eggs!  Oakdell does not use Antibiotics or Hormones in any of our feed.  For our Omega 3 Eggs, we feed our hens an abundance of flaxseed, plus a marine algae. Flaxseed is rich in the ALA Omega-3’s and the marine algae boosts the DHA component of the Omega-3’s to acheive our total Omega-3 levels that are concentrated in the egg yoke.  And for our Oraganic Cage Free Eggs our hens are fed a non-GMO grain.

Oakdell  moves our eggs from the birds for processing within hours of lay to ensure quality and freshness.  After washing, grading and packing, our eggs are placed in a cooler in preparation for distribution in refrigerated vehicles. FDA regulations require eggs to be held under refrigeration from the time of shipping from the plant to the point of consumption.

Oakdell is committed to providing you and your family delicious eggs that are always delivered fresh to stores and markets in your neighborhood.  By combining good feed and processing procedures, Oakdell delivers quality fresh eggs with excellent nutrition and taste.

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Best eggs EVER! You can taste the freshness in every bite.

Jared Anderson,

Google Review

I love these eggs! They are full of color and very tasty!!

Kaylee McNeill,

Google Review