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Christiansen Family Farm

Christiansen’s Family Farm raises gourmet quality Berkshire pork, grass fed beef, and pasture raised eggs. All of our animals enjoy a premium diet, humane handling, and are pasture raised.

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Can be found here:

    175 E Sharp Road


Picked up our third time order of meat, and as usual it’s amazing.

Abbey Colbert,

Facebook Review

I have been buying meat from Christiansen Family Farm for over five years now. I purchase a whole hog and a side of beef every December and give meat to my parents and sister for Christmas. My family loves the fact that the meat is not only delicious, but has been raised in a humane manner.

Carrie Abner,

Facebook Review

It’s nice to be able to feed my family quality pork that I know has been raised humanely and with care for the animals well-being. Their prices are equivalent or cheaper then grocery store and you are getting such better quality.

Edward Shortsleeve,

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