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Rockhill Creamery

Rockhill Creamery cheeses are handcrafted by Pete Schropp and Jennifer Hines at our micro-dairy in Northern Utah. Our historic farm with its signature old granary is set in Cache Valley, where dairy farming and cheese making are long-standing traditions. All our raw milk cheeses are made in small batches using traditional cultures. They ripen in our underground aging room for at least 60 days to ensure the proper development and height of flavor. Their natural rinds allow the wheels to develop complex flavors as they age. We are firm believers in using natural, sustainable practices that will leave our little piece of paradise better than we found it. We are committed to the health of our animals and the well-being of our land.

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Can be found here:

    563 S. State St.


Everything I have tasted has been delicious. Some of the best cheese in the State of Utah!

Jane Holt,

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Amazing people. Amazing food. I can’t wait to visit the farmers market to visit you all this season.

Amber O’Quinn,

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Great cheese and great people! Now if I could just get my hands on some of that peppercorn!

Thomas Amely,

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Gossner Foods

“Nature Provided, We Perfected,” is more than a catchy phrase at Gossner Foods. Founded in 1966 by Edwin Gossner Sr. Gossner Foods is a growing family business with two locations across the western United States. With a combined 120 years of cheese making experience, state of the art equipment, and a team of dedicated employees; Gossner Foods is a leader in the dairy industry.

What began as a strictly Swiss cheese plant, has expanded until now over 30 varieties of cheese carry the Gossner name. In addition to our array of cheeses, Gossner Foods also processes UHT shelf stable milk in a variety of flavors. This milk can sit on the shelf for months without refrigeration and is ideal for food storage, camping, and school lunches!

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I have great memories of always stopping there when I was a child for the curds and I took my kids also! I have always loved the great customer service there through the years!! We got there anout 15 minutes before closing and they could not have been more sweet and kind!! My friend, who was with me got enough of the boxed milk to share with her class for food storage! The curds aka squeaky cheese never disappoints and your hot pepper ends are just the best!!

Lynette Widdison,

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The first time I tried Gossner’s milk was in the 80’s when I was in The Army. It was given to us while we were in the field for training. I was very proud that we were being served a product from my home state. I recently went to your store with my mother and was very impressed. The cheese selection is wonderful! I introduced my grandchildren to the milk. They love it! I look forward to our next trip!

Barry Carr,

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I want you all to list the names of all your cows so I can say thank you to each one personally! I am sooooo now addicted to your milk products that I can’t put them down. You all have provided a perfect product you should be proud of.

Greg Boone,

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