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Wasatch Waffles

At Wasatch Waffles kitchen, we believe in combining simple, clean ingredients that are as close to their natural state as they can be. It all starts with freshly milled organic/non-GMO whole grains. Then we add organic/non-GMO white flour milled in Collinston, Utah to make the mix light and delicious. Adding mineral rich Redmond Real Salt from Redmond, UT just seemed the natural thing to do. A hint of organic cane sugar and aluminum-free baking powder round out the recipe.

Wasatch Waffles provide the perfect backdrop to your weekend breakfast with family and friends! They are versatile and easily adaptable for vegans. The waffles are crispy, fluffy, and light all while containing whole grains. They are the perfect complement to your choice of toppings. Because our waffle/pancake recipe is the perfect balance between preferred taste and texture, even your pickiest of eaters will love them. Because they are nutritious and filling, you’ll enjoy long lasting energy for your adventures.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Lee’s Marketplace – Utah Stores
  • The Store- Gateway & Holladay
  • The Market – Park City
  •  Kohler Creamery/Heber Valley Cheese – Midway
  • Judy’s Donuts – Midway
  • All That Stuff in the Barn – Midway
  • Homestead Resort – Midway
  • Lee’s Marketplace – Heber
  • Peterson’s –  Riverton
  • Daniel’s Summit Resort – Heber
  • Redmond Heritage Farm Store – Heber
  • Wright Moving Company Pop-Up Shoppe – Heber
  • Lemon and Sage – Springville
  • Rosehill Dairy (delivery)- Orem
  • Wasatch Milk (delivery) – Salt Lake
  • Heindselman’s Yarn and Gifts – Provo
  • Sunset Farmers Markets – Orem & Springville;
  • Midway Farmers Market
  • Park City Farmers Market
  • Local Apps: West 10th App & Local Chow App
  • Seasonally: Oil & Vinegar Junction/Park City Gift & Gourmet

Find us occasionally at the following food cooperatives: Mountain View Co-op, American Fork Produce Co-op, Sugarhouse Produce Co-op, Dimple Dell –  Co-op, Cottonwood Produce Co-op, Lehi Farm Fresh Co-op, Saratoga Springs Produce Co-op


This mix is delicious and nutritious. I highly recommend you try it. Once you do, you will never go back to anything else. It is simply the best. I never had such great tasting pancakes before. – Jennifer Tumolo-Vicari

These waffles are the absolute best! I was sad when my friend who made these for me in her kitchen moved to Utah. It made me so excited to know I could have the waffle mix delivered to my door!! It’s like having an old friend over for breakfast. – Shyla Brunner Bradshaw, Facebook Review

Kodiak Cakes, LLC

Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle mixes are lighter and tastier than other whole wheat varieties.  Its finely-ground milled texture avoids the graininess common in whole wheat cakes.  They are convenient to make too, with an ‘add-water-only’ mix.

Kodiak’s Flapjack & Waffle mix ingredients are also made with egg whites, honey, and non-fat dried milk with no added fat, sugar or cholesterol.  It’s a great way to slip more fiber and protein into your diet without tasting the difference.  Kodiak Cakes have twice the protein of regular pancakes, but don’t skimp on the taste.

Kodiak Cakes are available in Whole Grain Buttermilk, Whole Wheat Oat & Honey, and Protein Packed Buttermilk. Kodiak Cakes also have whole grain mixes for brownies and cookies, a variety of berry syrups, as well as Minute Muffins, and Protein Oatmeal.

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Can be found here:



Your protein pancakes are super good!! I love that they made from whole grains and are super easy to make! I mix it in with Almond milk for extra protein.

Tricia Haber,

Facebook Review

Thank you Kodiak Cakes for sending a HUGE package to be sent overseas for my deployed boyfriend!

Kennedy Straitiff,

Facebook Review

Amaaazing! Blueberry lemon protein muffins were SO tasty. Ate them all in less than a day. I can’t wait to try some of their other products.

Alina Johnson,

Facebook Review