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Delectation of Tomatoes

Heirloom Seeds and Seedlings

Delectation of Tomatoes offers, specifically to local gardeners and small farmers:

-Seeds of over 3,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables representing a remarkable collection of heirlooms from around the world, including 1,000 varieties which are not tomatoes (i.e. peppers, melons, squash, beans, lettuce, corn, etc.);

-Seedlings of more than 500 varieties each spring, customizable (with advance requests) to the needs and curiosity of individual gardeners and farmers;

-Fresh produce on a limited scale, based upon what is not needed for seed production;

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Lot of knowledge and a willingness to share it . Best Tomato descriptions in the business . I grow 5000 plants and sell the fruit from them for my living . Dale has the varieties I need to succeed .

Iris Bauer,

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Always a pleasure. Prompt shipping of orders and quick email responses.
Many varieties that aren’t available anywhere else. True to type and always excellent germination. Good job!

Clifton Hedrick,

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My favorite tomato seed vendor! My “go to place” for rare and unusual tomato varieties. Highly recommend!

Shelley P. Hauser,

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Contact Information
170 West Geneva, East Carbon, Utah 84520, United States
Owner Information
A man holding a basket full of tomatoes
Dale K. Thurber, Ph.D
Founder/Sole Proprietor

Delectation of Tomatoes, etc. was registered as a business in the State of Utah in February 2011.  The founder, sole proprietor, and only producer in this endeavor is Dale K. Thurber, Ph.D. From an early age, Dale had a keen interest in the natural world, spending as much time as possible outdoors observing and collecting plants and small animals.  He has been an avid gardener since age 8 or so. Professionally, he served as an endangered species biologist for more than 20 years, conducting research and management in 20 states. For several years he also taught college courses in the biological sciences.

In early 2010, frustrated with the limited selections and exaggerated claims from the big seed companies, Dale won an online auction of a collection of seeds from documented giant tomatoes.  Later that year, he took a course called, “Grow Utah Farmers, Direct Market Track”, and decided to try to make a go of turning his gardening hobby into a small business.

After fits and starts, bumps and bruises, and adjustments to changing circumstances, Dale now focuses primarily on production of seeds and seedlings, with fresh produce taking a secondary role.  With over 2,300 varieties of tomato seeds in inventory (and they keep coming in…), Delectation of Tomatoes houses one of the largest private collections of heirloom tomato seeds in North America, with a special emphasis on large-fruited varieties:  320+ varieties that can produce tomatoes of 2 lbs. or larger!

Supporting Delectation of Tomatoes means supporting the preservation, propagation and promotion of an amazing diversity of fruit and vegetable varieties from around the world, while also enjoying and appreciating the best that Nature has to offer.  You will also be promoting your own health and supporting the local economy.

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