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When you choose Utah’s Own you will enjoy fresh and unique finds while supporting businesses that care about their neighborhoods as much as you do. Eat, drink, and buy Utah’s Own wherever you shop.

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Show your love for local farmers and artisans by purchasing their products, spreading the word on social media, leaving positive reviews, and participating in community events they host. Every purchase and interaction helps our community thrive.

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Browse our Utah’s Own member directory to discover new businesses and familiar favorites. Find local farms, ranches, food businesses, bodycare companies, and more at a nearby farmers market, retail store, or farm to table restaurant.

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Join our network of local agriculture and food business owners. As a member of Utah’s Own, you will benefit from increased consumer awareness, thoughtful promotional campaigns, enhanced sales and marketing opportunities, and network with like-minded businesses to find solutions to improve day-to-day operations.

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Show your love for local producers by sponsoring Utah's Own. Utah’s Own partners with retailers, wholesalers, nonprofits, and other organizations to promote consumer support of food and agriculture businesses throughout the state.

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