A group of gardeners caring for plants in a greenhouse
Member Feature
June 5, 2024

Six Reasons You Should Join a CSA

Our farmers don’t just farm because they love to grow food. They do it because they want to help their neighbors reconnect with their food. By signing up for a Utah CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share you’ll benefit from a local farmers’ harvest.You also help to keep your local food system secure and thriving by providing financial stability directly to a farmer at the beginning of the season.

Depending on the CSA, a share can include an assortment of seasonal produce, monthly meat selections, and seasonal flowers. Some CSAs deliver directly to your doorstep and others require pickup at a specified location.

1. Eat Healthy

A weekly delivery of fresh veggies to your home is a great way to improve your day-to-day nutrition. It gives families and individuals the extra push to eat more vegetables, eat more real food, and experiment in the kitchen.

    “When I became a mom, I felt one of my jobs was to teach my kids healthy eating habits from an early age. To this day my oldest son will often pick a salad turnip from our box and eat it raw. Surround your kids with all kinds of vegetables. It is a gift you are giving them.”

    2. Try New Varieties of Fruits and Vegetables

    A CSA is a perfect opportunity to get out of the rut of eating the same fruits and vegetables every week or season. 

      “We tried a bunch of vegetables that we would never have tried before. We now put squash in our chili, swiss chard in salads and stir fries, and kale into soups. We now plan our meals around the veggies from the box. It was a fun challenge and got our whole family excited about eating new veggies!

      3. Fresher, Higher Quality, Better tasting Fruits and Vegetables

      Utah-grown fruits and vegetables provided in a CSA share are harvested the week of delivery (and often within a day) ensuring peak taste and freshness.

         “I really enjoy the farm-fresh taste of the vegetables. It made a total difference to me, and I really started to enjoy cooking with all of these fresh ingredients, especially knowing the family who grew them.”

        4. Support a Local Business

        When you support Utah farmers you help to create a stronger local food network for your community. You help to keep your local food system secure and thriving by providing financial stability directly to a farmer at the beginning of the season.

          “I wanted to support a local farm and become more connected to my food source, rather than simply being a distant consumer of resources. As a CSA member, I am a part of a locally-owned farm that produces healthy and delicious produce every week.”

          5. Know Your Farmer and Where our Food Comes From

          A large part of subscribing to a CSA is communal. Several farms invite their subscribers to spend some time on the farm during pickup or sign up to volunteer for weeding or harvesting.

            “I loved the idea of knowing where my food was coming from and that it was Utah-grown. Also I love the fact that I am supporting a local farmer. We wanted to be a part of something bigger, so we decided to support our local farmers”

            6. Care About the Environment and How Your Food is Grown

            Great tasting produce begins with superior land and soil care. Utah CSA farms focus on building healthy soil, maximizing nutrients, and reducing waste.

              “I believe that our food is our health and fresh produce is natural nourishment. I’m doing my part in Utah to support practices I care about by eating local, seasonal products through my CSA.”