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Zion Cultivars & Medicinal

We provide access to Therapeutic Cannabinoid. Formulations that give you back control over your wellness. Because we formulate with rare cannabinoids, you’ll have access to products that give you greater optionality on how you feel, and how well you heal.

The greatest differentiator in our products is the quality of our cultivation, chemistry, science and professional operators that influence the design of products that result in more complete therapeutic outcomes. From genetics selections, cultivation practices, manufacturing processes and ingredients selections, we operate with the highest standards.

We conduct ongoing product research so the cannabis products we create perform for you. We provide various brands and product types to support options to reach the targeted outcome you desire. We have multiple cultivation operations where we select and cultivate genetics for specific attributes. Our cultivation facilities send large quantities of cannabis material to our processing center where we prepare the material for either finished flower products or extraction using ethanol extraction. After extraction we refine the crude material using a series of processes such as winterization, solvent recovery, distillation and decarboxylation. Depending on what kinds of products or extracts we are making determines what process we follow. Once we have the desired fractions of cannabis material, we reconstitute it into various product forms using a variety of scientific methods and instruments to ensure precision formulations.

Can Be Found Here:

Medical Cannabis requires a visitation with your Qualified Medical Provider or Doctor. Once you have a medical cannabis card, you can obtain cannabis products at approved medical cannabis pharmacies. For a list of these that carry our products, please see our website zionmedicinal.com

The Hemp Folk

The Hemp Folk are a line of farm-to-table, naturally produced CBD products. We offer full-spectrum, naturally made products (made with primarily organic ingredients) such as body butter, topical oil, gummies, tinctures, and lip balm. Each product is registered with Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, and  was tested by a third-party laboratory, and has a certificate of analysis proving its authenticity. You can be certain of the safety and quality of our products.

The Hemp Folk work exclusively with our sister farm. Intentional Growth Farm, LLC grows our industrial hemp (and edible mushrooms!) organically in beautiful Cache Valley; we process the hemp flower using traditional methods, and we use all-natural ingredients to provide you with the highest quality, full-spectrum products on the market.

The Hemp Folk make and provide unique “Utah’s Own” CBD products that help increase quality of life for ALL people. Our goal is to provide everyone access to the highest-quality, all-natural CBD products on the market. Although we can’t legally make any medical claims, we are 100% certain that our products provide tools for relief and wellness which do not alter your state (hemp will NOT get you high). Each product WORKS! We are not out to make a quick buck selling you snake oil made with watered-down/chemical filled solutions. Our goal is to simply provide you with natural CBD products you can trust.

This new growing industry has the potential to preserve farmlands, increase local economy, provide natural health benefits, and promote local industry, and we help provide all of that!

Can Be Found Here:

The Hemp Folk products are available in local stores in northern Utah.

  • Greenthread Herbs, SLC Utah
  • CBD Brothers, Ogden Utah
  • Mystic Sphynx, Logan Utah
  • The Island Market, Logan Utah
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Medical), Logan Utah

You can also find our products at these online vendors:

  • www.intentionalfolk.com
  • www.cbd4naturalhealing.com
  • www.cannbuy.com
  • www.thehempvendor.com