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Cedar Valley Honey

Our honey is produced by bees that are located in Utah County and the south end of Salt Lake County. When we extract our honey, we run it through a sieve and bottle it. This allows all of the natural goodness to remain in the honey, for your health and benefit. We also sell natural beeswax and hand-dipped beeswax candles.

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Local honey is super awesome… if you’re in Eagle Mountain and suffer from pollen allergies, this stuff is for you!

Jami Garcia,

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The Honey Jar

We are proud supporters of the buy local movement and producers of delicious, pure raw honey from Northern Utah. Honeyville is an ideal place to gather honey. Because of Utah’s desert climate, the moisture content of our honey is very low, making it more sugar dense. It is deliciously sweet.

To us, raw honey means pure honey that is as it exists in the hive. It has been abstracted and strained, but not pasteurized or heated above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw honey has a much finer crystal than honey that has been heated and pasteurized. Raw, unprocessed honey also retains the beneficial pollen, minerals and enzymes that can be destroyed during commercial processing.

If you’re in the Honeyville area in the warm months, stop by our self-serve honey stand. You can also purchase honey and honey sticks for your home, restaurant or shop from our online store.

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Love this place, love honey, just ordered more honey sticks.

Brandon Ross,

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Excellent honey, and a decent price.

Sean Jessopp

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