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Wind River

By providing a superior pop using a medium Vogel kernel for our kettle corn, we are proud to offer a memorable popcorn experience that produces a more intense flavor. Stepping up to the counter, you will receive a warm welcome while the aromas of butter, salty cheddar, sweet caramel, and the ever popular sweet and salty kettle corn dance through the air. Freshly popped and made all on site in our impressive industrial sized kettle, you can satisfy any craving while observing the seemingly magical transformation from kernel to heaven on earth.

The nomadic lifestyle of our portable poppery not only allows us to support our Utah community through our local farmers markets, festivals, and fairs, but also provides us the opportunity to support local businesses at team and client appreciation events. Making quality flavored popcorns and being able see people enjoy our product is why we love doing what we do! Connect with us on our social media channels to find our upcoming events, and other fun tidbits.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Riverton Town Days & Riverton Rodeo
  • Draper Rodeo and Draper Nights
  • Bluffdale Old West Days
  • Tooele County Debry
  • The Honey Harvest Festival.


Umm, pretty much the best caramel corn you will ever eat. Not to mention, the best customer service you’ll ever experience. You know when a business owner cares about what they do and the people they serve, this one absolutely does.

Lindsey, Facebook Review

They are the best Kettle & Caramel Corn I have ever tasted. I have used them for Christmas gifts now for years!

Deirdra, Facebook Review

SugarBear KettleCorn & Roasted Nuts

SugarBear is a family business who takes pride in our hand stirred gourmet KettleKorn, Caramel Corn, and Fresh Cinnamon Roasted Nuts.

In the summer you can find us at multiple events during the week.  Wednesdays at the Park City Farmer’s Market, Saturdays at the Downtown SLC Farmer’s Market, Sundays at the Park Silly Sunday Market, various fairs and festivals, including Salt Lake County Fair, Davis County Fair, and Utah County Fair.

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“5 Stars.”

Lia Ortiz,

Facebook Review

Allgood Provisions

Allgood Provisions is an original brand of naturally sourced, nutritious, and sustainable snack foods that has recently partnered with Gigi’s Gourmet which will add a new twist to our line of products.  Our variety of nuts, fruits, and trail mixes contain rich vitamins and minerals important to a healthy and balanced diet.  These foods nourish the students, the weekend warriors, the busy moms, the trekkers, the dreamers, as well as, the cooks, the foodies, and celebrity chefs.  Inside each Earth-friendly pouch you’ll find a delicious, irresistible snack that is nutritious & naturally sourced.

Choose Allgood Provisions and Gigi’s Gourmet for snacking, cooking, baking or family gatherings.  When it comes to larger gatherings, BBQ’s, movie nights, or even the holidays Gigi’s Gourmet Garlic & Herb Pretzels are what you’re looking for.  With custom ordered catering sizes that will fit your needs you can share with your friends and family a higher quality, healthier alternative snack than chips.

Stock up on your single nut or savory favorites like Maple Roasted Cashews or Garlic & Herb seasoned sourdough pretzels.  Or, expand your on-the-go choice with the Pistachios, and Almond Nut Packs.  Snacks that will have you coming back for more.  And if you’re ready to redefine healthy snacking when you’re on-the-go, try our Gourmet Blend of Trail Mix. A unique, customer tested and formulated blend that stands out from other average Trail Mixes you might find in the store.

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Gigi’s Gourmet


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Red Rock Pistachio Orchards

The high desert climate of Southern Utah creates ideal conditions for producing an outstanding, quality pistachio that is sweeter and distinctly greener than pistachios grown elsewhere. The climate and latitude in Southern Utah closely emulates the natural environment of the Middle East (Iran, Iraq) where pistachio trees originated.

 Our Red Rock pistachio farming operation and production facilities are located in Hurricane, Utah. We farm 20 acres of trees, which adds up to 2,500 individual trees. Try a store-purchased nut along with a fresh Utah nut. The taste difference will surprise you.

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Can be found here:

    2005 Turf Sod Road

The Nut Garden

The Nut Garden is there when you need a little something to snack on. Simply put, we package and distribute nuts, dried fruits, gummies and candies. Our goal is to offer top quality foods at the best possible price from our garden of snacks.

 We have all the natural goodies, like fresh raw and roasted nuts and dried mango strips. We even have some extra healthy additions, like organic chia seeds. And, we have some standouts, like our chocolate covered Swedish Fish. No fish were harmed in the making of our chocolate Swedish Fish. We invite you to try one or all of our great snack options.

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Western Nut Company

With a wide selection of personalized gifts and custom-made baskets, Western Nut Company is a gift-giving tradition that makes a lasting impression. We’ve been around a long time, and we still do things the old-fashioned way. We roast and mix every batch of fresh nuts by hand. This ensures every nut is roasted to perfection.

You are invited to visit our factory store conveniently located at 434 South 300 West in Salt Lake City, where you can browse our store and catch a glimpse of our roasting process. Western Nut is much more than gourmet delicious nuts too. Our buyers search the world for exquisite gifts and gourmet candies.

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Polka Bean

Polka Bean products came from the idea that delicious dishes can and should be made for people with even the most severe food allergies. Polka Bean creator Wendy Butters started making tasty foods from beans in order avoid common allergens like wheat and nuts.

What started with creative recipes to make bean-based treats for coworkers and friends became a booming business. Polka Bean has grown to offer a selection of delectable cookie doughs, chocolate hummus and marinated chickie beans that are dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. To try these allergen-free products, buy local at the SLC Downtown Farmers Market and Wasatch Front Farmers Market.

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All I can say is WOW!!! I tried all the samples, and I mean all, and they all taste absolutely amazing. And healthy too!

Sophiiee Segura D’Valiente,

Facebook Review

I am so glad I found Polka Beans! A fabulous way to spice up foods while I transition to being a vegetarian. Thanks!

Marilee Evans,

Facebook Review

Yummiest stuff ever!!!

LaRonda Robinson Blanchat

Facebook Review

Bees Brothers

Our main product at Bees Brothers is Honey Caramel made with honey, local cream, butter, and Utah sea salt. Our honey caramels blend the rich buttery flavor of a traditional caramel with the extra depth of flavor from Cache Valley honey. Order yours today and choose from Original Plain, Salted, Almond, Chocolate, Raspberry, and Ginger.

Love almonds? We now offer Honey Roasted Almonds in a perfect snack size of 6.5 ounces.

Our gift boxes are available throughout the year—perfect for weddings, birthdays, and the holidays. Shop our Bees Brothers products online, at various local stores, and at our local Farmer’s Market in Cache Valley.

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Can be found here:

    Logan, UT
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Park City, UT


I tried the Honey Caramels today, and they are amazing!

Kelsi Mobley,

Facebook Review

Very high quality products!

Julia Savchenko,

Facebook Review

So impressed!

Carolyn Aranda,

Facebook Review