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Wasatch Cooperative Market

We are an organization dedicated to giving the Salt Lake area a better food & grocery experience by establishing a cooperative market near downtown SLC.

Specifically, we aim to open a community grocery to strengthen Utah’s local food economy and provide the highest quality goods patrons can trust from farm to shelf. Our mission is to cultivate a healthy community by bringing together local producers and consumers at your community-owned grocery.

Our organization works by utilizing volunteers to recruit our  local community members to invest in the cooperative market. This investment ensures that we have a confirmed market and audience that justifies the store’s existence. With enough investors and support from the community, we will pick a location, raise further capital, and build out the grocery store.

We are not alone; there are over 300 thriving cooperative markets across the US, including several in Minnesota, Chicago, and Montana. These organizations are all founded and owned by their community members, and they work together alongside other cooperative based business to ensure success of each individual coop.

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  • We are in process of building a local grocery store that will sell utah-based products along with some other sustainable products. A Cooperative grocery.

Utah Co-Op

The Utah Co-Op is a non-profit organization passionate about providing access to healthy foods for community members who need it most. We are a member-owned and -operated food store and an alternative to commercial profit-oriented businesses. As members, we contribute our ideas and work together to keep prices as low as possible while maintaining core principles.

All residents of Utah are members and may shop, and we share responsibilities and benefits equally. We offer a diverse selection of products with an emphasis on organic, minimally-processed and healthful foods. We seek to avoid products that depend on the exploitation of others while supporting organic, sustainable agriculture.

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    291 E 4500 S


This is my favourite place to shop! The prices are excellent; a lot of what I spend goes toward various charities, both in and out of the area. And there is the very definite bonus of the friendliness and caring of the owners.

Sheryl Smith,

Facebook Review

Great product, great prices, and really great people!

Julie Gomes,

Facebook Review

Love it. We need good, healthy food, organic produce, non go eggs, and grass fed beef. Utah Coop helps make healthy food affordable – unlike whole foods whose prices are through the roof!

Nancy Joyce,

Facebook Review