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Bear River Bottling

Craft Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Rubs

Made in small batches by families sharing a passion for sauce, Bear River Bottling represents everything you want in a sauce; quality ingredients, unique recipes, and above all, flavor!

Our award-winning sauces range from mild to wild for everyone in the family, but most of all, our focus is on providing a sauce that elevates a meal to new heights. As much as possible, locally grown and produced ingredients are used and the Bear River Bottling family is dedicated to growing their own exotic super-hot peppers for special, limited release flavors.

We specialize in craft, small-batch hot sauce, BBQ Sauce, Steak Sauce, Fry Sauce, BBQ Rubs and Seasonings. Born from the lack of quality options in the grocery stores, the recipes behind Bear River Bottling all began as family recipes honed in the home kitchen. Quality ingredients and the pursuit for unique and creative recipes drive the team at Bear River Bottling.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Cache Valley Gardeners Market – Logan
  • Ogden Farmers Market – Ogden
  • Brigham City Peach Days – Brigham City
  • Café Ibis – Logan
  • Southfork Hardware – Roy
  • BBQ Pit Stop – Murray
  • Sauce Lake City – Salt Lake City
  • Central 9th Market – Salt Lake City
  • Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces – Quilted Bear, Ogden
  • Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces – Local Gifts, Orem
  • Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces – Local Gifts, Logan
  • Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces – Quilted Bear, Draper


Bear river bottling has my favorite BBQ sauce I’ve ever had! (The honey chipotle Bingham Brushfire.) I found them at a farmers market last year and just ordered online for the first time. It shipped quickly and came with a handwritten thank you note. I haven’t tried their hot sauces yet but I’m sure they’re incredible. I highly recommend ordering from them.” – Braden, Google Review

Outstanding product. I use the tropical citrus with seafood and its better than any restaurant chutney I have ever had.” – Andy, Facebook Review

These sauces are so incredible! I can’t believe how much flavor can be packed into- really every one of their sauces that I’ve tried- while still keeping the heat so balanced. Dr. Scoville’s Habanero Wonder Tonic and The King of Sting are my absolute favorites and staples in my household! Love love love!” – Kellee, Facebook Review

Logan, Utah

  • Logan, Utah 84341

Jon Meyer
Owner & Founder

Even before he could drive, a passion for crafting sauces consumed Dr. Scoville, the founder of Bear River Bottling. After moving to Cache Valley to pursue his Ph.D., Dr. Scoville learned that Utah lacked the spicy offerings of his home state of Colorado. Born out of necessity to provide for his own fiery addiction, flavors now sold across the country were initially crafted out of his home kitchen in a small stock pot—one quart at a time. Over the years, word of mouth spread in his social circles and support from friends and family eventually convinced Dr. Scoville to pursue commercial-scale production of his recipes. In fact, many of the original flavors were crafted specifically for those very friends and family as a show of appreciation for their unwavering support.

Beginning with the local farmer’s market, it was clear that Dr. Scoville was not alone in his passion for craft flavor in his condiments and every smile and conversation shared with a fellow foodie added fuel to the flavor fire that to this day continues to consume Dr. Scoville. Now, joined by three other Utah families, the Bear River Bottling family strives to continue to craft unique and enjoyable flavors to help spread the word that Utah is not just Fry Sauce.