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Fiona’s Family Farm

Hatching Experiences, Quail Eggs, & Reptile Feed

We are a Northern Utah small family farm selling quail products, mainly to beginning homesteaders, foodies, and reptile owners.

We rent out hatching kits to families, schools, and individuals.

We sell quail chicks, quail eggs, quail feather jewelry, and quail egg candles. We are also in the process of expanding our products into mealworms for reptile feed by the end of the year.

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Ogden, Utah

  • Ogden, Utah 84404
  • 385-419-9727

Meghan Blanc & Christopher Blanc
Founders & Owners

We started our farm to support our daughter Fiona’s dream to become a farmer. As we looked into farming options that we could start in the city before we have a bigger area, quail stood out as our favorite place to start. As we started selling quail eggs and chicks in the classifieds, we found that there was a big need for farmers willing to provide a more consistent and affordable option for reptile feed in the Northern Utah area. Fiona loves to help care for the quail and make quail crafts together.