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Fresh Produce 365

Your Local Greens Producer

The Fresh 365’s goal is to create a reliable “local” source of lettuce and microgreens all year long.

Our team has combined the best practices of growing technology, automation, and water conservation to design a sustainable indoor growing environment. The designed system creates a repeatable and predictable product so both distributors and customers can rely on the product quality, freshness and taste. Fresh 365 is USDA GAP Certified and is actively expanding operations and selling fresh greens to local distributors.

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Eagle Mountain, Utah

  • 8774 N Cedar Fort Circle
  • Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
  • 801-319-9019

Mark Stott

Fresh 365 was built by a team of growers, farmers and engineers who have been active in the indoor growing world for over 10 years.

Our team developed, designed and patented one of the first grow lights in the industry, to change the light spectrum to match each stage of plant growth. This research and design helped the team understand the different stages of plant growth and the way light spectrums can promote the root, stem, leaf and flowering stages which therefore affect the overall health of the plant.