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Betony Traveling Café

Personal/Private Chef & Catering Service

Welcome to Betony Traveling Café, a personal/private chef and catering service founded in the summer of 2018 and based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The business model of the café is unique, in that chef Billy Moschella, Jr., the owner and founder, works with his clients to provide custom-built menu and meal plans of their choice, prepared on-site in their vacation rental properties or home kitchens, as well as made available for catering-style delivery to event venues.

Betony Traveling Café is available for small-scale events of all kinds (2-30 ppl. for sit-down dinner service, up to 100 ppl. for family-style catering), including friends and family gatherings, special event celebrations, multi-day retreats and corporate gatherings, and intimate candlelit dinners (2-4 ppl.). The café also works with individuals and families to provide weekly, custom-built meal plans, packaged and made available for delivery in easy-to-reheat containers.

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Company Reviews:

Live in Salt Lake or surrounding area?  Want to try some amazing food? Chef Billy Moschella, Jr. does in-home catering.  Perfect for a family or small party.” Marie Remkes, Facebook Review (owner at Wild Rye Permaculture Farm)

This guy can seriously cook!  If you need a private chef, you may need to look him up!”  Bessie Skeem, Facebook Review (President at Bessie’s Art & Music)

“This overall experience was incredible! The food Chef Billy made for us was better than any of the expensive restaurants we’ve been to and it was fun to hear the stories behind them and talk to him throughout the night. He was there for us to chat with as we wanted, but we were also able to have our own conversations too. I would absolutely do it again and recommend this experience to friends and family!” – Christin Howell, ‘Take a Chef’ Review (Private Chef Client)

“Chef Billy was communicative, engaging, and warm, which was even more remarkable considering his car got stuck in snow on the way up to our house; somehow, he still managed to make it on time and create an incredible four-course dinner. The plates were beautifully presented and delicious—including the alternate dishes he made for those with dietary restrictions. He and his dishes made the evening special. I highly recommend working with him!” – Taylor Tokarz,‘Take a Chef’ Review (Private Chef Client)


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400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84139, United States
Owner Information
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Billy Moschella Jr.

My name is Billy Moschella Jr., and I am a cook and pastry chef specializing in the creation of custom-built meal plans for individuals, families, and for small-scale events and gatherings of all kinds. I was born and raised in Boston as part of a boisterous and colorful family of Italian-American restaurateurs, with roots stretching back to Genoa, Naples, and Sicily. I look back fondly upon the many days spent in the kitchen with my grandmothers, learning the secrets of traditional Italian cooking while Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra serenaded us on the crackly old AM/FM radio.

Throughout history, purveyors of fine cuisine, as well as those skilled in the arts of medicine and healing, have held fast to the understanding that one of the great secrets to health, happiness, and wisdom lies within the stomach, or as it has been called, ‘the seat of life’. Great indeed are the ideas generated by a small group of people gathered around a well-laid table, enjoying fine food and engaged in even finer conversation. I myself hold fast to the idea that wholesome, free-range, locally produced, and wild-crafted ingredients, when prepared with love by skilled hands and a passionate heart, have a way of bringing people together, thus strengthening the ties that bind.

As a small-scale personal/private chef and caterer, I have built out a unique model, in that I am happy to work with you to create custom menu and meal plans of your choice, prepared on-site in your vacation rental property or home kitchen, or made available for delivery to event venues and corporate office locations. As part of this, I will handle all of the purchasing of food products, food preparation, meal setting, and clean up. I also offer weekly meal plans for individuals and families, prepackaged and delivered in easy-to-reheat containers. It’s like bringing the restaurant or the pastry shop straight to your front door!

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