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44 Magnum Farm & Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef, Lamb and Pork

When you choose 44 Magnum Meats, you are eating the food nature intended — 100 percent grass fed and grass finished meat. NO feed additives, hormones, or growth stimulants. Fed only lush meadow grasses in the summer, which our ranch harvests and bales for winter feeding (no grain or animal by-products).  You are also supporting your local farmers and ranchers, protecting the environment, advocating the humane treatment of animals, and providing your family with food that is nutritious, wholesome, and delicious.

Our farm and ranch sells both individual packages of meat (steaks, roasts, chops, ground, etc), or meat shares (whole, half, quarter or eighth shares available) to fill up your freezer.  Product delivery or shipping options are available, or catch us at the summer farmers market or select tradeshows.

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Can Be Found Here:

    • Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market
    • Salt Lake City Winter Farmers Market
    • Park City Farmers Market


During a time of uncertainty, combined with food scarcity at the grocery stores, I thought it wise to stock up on beef and pork. I asked some neighbors and no one had a side of beef available. I contacted 44 Magnum, and got my order confirmed right away. It only got better when he explained the dry aging process, and free delivery. 44 Magnum’s beef grazes in the pastures in my gorgeous area of Summit County, Utah in the Summer. These are some happy cows, believe me! I am looking forward to filling my freezer with 1/2 beef and 1/2 pork grown right here in Utah.” – Diane G, Yelp Review


Kamas, UT

  • 744 South Highway 32
  • Kamas, UT 84036
  • 801-328-2333

Wayman Family
Third and Fourth Generation Ranchers

The Wayman Family are third and fourth-generation ranchers in Utah. While their ranch has moved a few times, the legacy of true-grit ranching has not. As descendents of the Squire Boone Family, the Waymans are fierce advocates for both liberty and agriculture. Clarence Wayman,  second generation,  was famous for his country cured hams in Cache Valley.

In 1966, the ranch took on the name “Broke Bar W Ranch.” This name is best understood by our ranch slogan, “Always Broke, Never Broken.” Farming and Ranching, by nature, has always been a slim-to-never profit enterprise. Hence, while farming investments seem to keep us broke, we never give up the family dream. We prefer to look at it as a continued investment in the family lifestyle and resulting good health.  Today our ranch is well know for delicious grass-fed beef, pork and lamb proudly raised in Utah.