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Argyle Acres

Regenerative Farm

We grow pasture raised chicken and eggs, grass fed & finished beef, and pasture raised pork. We follow regenerative agriculture principles to build soil, our tools to do so are our animals.

Our animals are moved frequently to new paddocks giving them access to fresh grass and bugs to forage on, ensuring clean space for them to express their natural behaviors while improving the biodiversity in our soil.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Argyle Acres – Liberty

Liberty, Utah

  • 3200 E 3350 N
  • Liberty, Utah 84310
  • 801-391-2221

Chris and Amanda Argyle
Regenerative Farmers

We dreamed of having better control over the quality of our food. We had virtually zero farming experience when we stumbled across an old, run-down farm house that was the perfect starting point to reconnect us to the spiritual truth that you cannot have life without death. Our journey, inspired by the work of Joel Salatin, would eventually lead us into a multi-speciated, regenerative way of doing agriculture while enhancing not only our own lives but those around us.

While our original intent was to provide food just for our family, our community took notice and wanted what we were producing. They were also interested in our unusual methods and we quickly realized that educating people on this way of farming was essential. Naturally, our business was born.