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Meal Replacement Shakes for Gut Sensitivities

Introducing our revolutionary Low FODMAP Replacement Shake – a game-changer for individuals managing IBS and other sensitivities. Crafted with care, this shake is a beacon of health with its high-protein, gut-friendly, and non-GMO formula. Packed with plant-based goodness, it stands proudly as a Monash Certified product, ensuring the utmost quality and adherence to low FODMAP guidelines.

Our shake is not just a dietary necessity; it’s a delicious experience designed to make your journey with the low FODMAP diet enjoyable. Whether you’re tackling IBS or other sensitivities, our carefully crafted blend is your ally in maintaining a balanced, nutritious lifestyle. Join us on a flavorful venture where wellness meets taste, and nourishment becomes a delight.

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After 3 months of IBS and 3 prescriptions that did not help, the Fodmap Protein finally got things under control. I am so grateful!” – Peggy, Google Review

West Jordan, Utah

  • 8133 South 6470 West
  • West Jordan, Utah 84081
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Steve Harmon, Lynsie Harmon, Kirt Whitehead, Emily Whitehead
Steve Harmon CEO & Founder, Lynsie Harmon CMO & Founder, Kirt Whitehead COO & CFO, Emily Whitehead CSO

FODMAP Foods was born out of Dr. Steve’s recognition of the limited tasty options for individuals dealing with IBS and other gut sensitivities. This realization fueled his mission to bridge the gap, leading to the establishment of FODMAP Foods. The primary aim is straightforward: to provide an enjoyable solution for managing both IBS and other gut sensitivities. Dr. Steve’s medical expertise ensures our products meet the highest standards, certified by Monash.

Meet our dedicated team at FODMAP Foods – Dr. Steve, the visionary CEO; Lynsie, our creative CMO; Kirt, the astute COO and CFO; and Emily, our caring CSO overseeing sustainability and customer service. Together, we are committed to making the journey with gut sensitivities more manageable and enjoyable, offering top-notch products that meet the diverse needs of those navigating IBS and other gut sensitivities.