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Sunnyside Up Pastures

Seasonal grass-fed beef & pastured poultry

Here’s the dirt on Sunnyside Up Pastures. It’s all about soil. Healthy food comes from healthy biologically active soil. Our focus is on using regenerative agricultural practices to create healthy soil, plants, animals and people. We focus on growing a wide variety of plants that will help improve the soil ecosystem. Then using intensive rotational grazing, we move our cattle daily onto a fresh clean spot of pasture. This system mimics nature providing optimal health for our cows. They in turn fertilize the soil on each pasture and just as important they move on allowing the plants and soil a chance to rest and grow. This process of intensive grazing followed by rest is optimal for the health of the animals, plants and soil.

Our cows are grass-fed and finished with no hormones or antibiotics. We work with a local butcher where the meat is dry aged for 14 to 21 days. This makes the meat more tender and flavorful. The cuts of meat are then vacuum sealed and frozen preserving it for up to 3 years in the freezer. Now that the meat is ready, we use insulated boxes with biodegradable cornstarch insulation and dry ice, then ship it right to your door.

One thing you’ll notice right away about our meat is that the fat has an orange hue to it. This comes from the beta carotene found in the actively growing plants that are being consumed. The next thing you’ll notice is the amazing flavor of our beef. We’re proud to offer a great source of clean healthy meat and a personal relationship with the farmer who raised it and look forward to serving you and your family.

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All I can say is HOLY COW this place is awesome! Regenerative, innovative grazing practices lead to amazing 100% grass fed pasture raised beef. Possibly the best burger I have ever had. Staff and head farmer Stan, went above and beyond to answer my questions. As far as local, clean food that is good for people, planet and animals, this is as good as it gets. No doubt in my mind, If I could be a cow I’d want to live in Stan’s pastures!” – Ben, Google Review

I’ve ordered from these guys 3 different times and I love it! The quality and taste is supreme. I would highly recommend for you and your family and friends. Even my granddaughter ate the steak and that’s something she never does.” – Lisa, Google Review

The meat I have gotten from here is awesome. Really flavorful and healthy.” – Jakub, Google Review

Centerfield, Utah

  • 253 W Jensen Ln
  • Centerfield, Utah 84622
  • 801-885-4859

Stanford & Megan Jensen

It all started with my daughter. I grew up on a farm but had never considered taking up farming as a profession. Instead, I became an engineer. It is a good profession that I found challenging and enjoyable. When my daughter came along, I was so excited to raise her. As she grew, I realized that because of the travel and desk time that came with being an engineer I was missing out on a lot of her life. I realized that there is a profession where my children could work alongside me. So we made our way back to the farm.

Our family farm was a modern agrochemical operation, growing Alfalfa and Corn silage. Every year we used hundreds of gallons of pesticides, tons and tons of chemical fertilizers, 1000’s of gallons of diesel and a lot of tillage. I hadn’t really thought much of it, because that was the only thing I knew, until I went to a NRCS soil health presentation. There I learned about life in the soil and the role it plays in our health and the health of the environment. I also learned that all of the above mentioned chemicals and practices are detrimental to soil life and the environment. I’d never considered the importance of soil life and health. I decided then that I would change, though I wasn’t sure how. It would require some massive changes and blessedly over time people came into my life that showed me the way. It started at a homeschooling conference where a stranger gave me a book called the Marvelous Pigness of Pigs and thus introduced me to the works of Joel Salatin (someone who I now strive to model my own farm after). Next I was introduced to a couple in Manti (Stan and Kristi) only because they had the same names as me and my wife. Kristi then emailed me out of the blue one day and told me to go to the Utah Farm and Food Conference in Cedar City. There I was introduced to the Red Acre Center for food and agriculture and other leaders in the organic movement.

Slowly a whole new world was opened to me. One where farmers work with the land to organically grow food while regenerating soil then sell that food directly to local people who love good food and desire to again have a connection to the soil their food comes from. Thanks to the inspiration and support from the NRCS, Jared Sorenson, Kristi and the Red Acre Center we are changing. In 2020 we brought the first cows back onto the land in over 40 years. Thanks to people like you, who are looking for clean healthy food. We are converting
our farm to organic pasture and working to end our dependance on pesticides, chemical fertilizers, tillage and fossil fuels. Our children work alongside us growing a cleaner and healthier environment for us and our neighbors.